Golden Valley Cimarron Cutter Caddy

Golden Valley

Cimarron Cutter Caddies

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable clevis hitch
  • Easy tractor hook-up
  • Adjustable top link from caddy to mower
  • PTO shaft from tractor to caddy, use mower PTO shaft from caddy to mower
  • Comes complete with implement tires
  • Tongue jack


MC107HUniversal Hydraulic Cutter Caddy -- Inline
Hydraulic lift caddy for better ground clearance on mower. Comes complete with hydraulic lift cylinder and hoses & tips. Inline wheels.
MC107MUniversal Non-Hydraulic Cutter Caddy
Cimarron Cutter Caddy
MC097HUniversal Hydraulic Cutter Caddy -- Offset
Cimarron Cutter Caddy