Stump Blaster--Excavator


Baumalight Stump Grinder GXM550 with X530 Motor. This Stump Blaster has a heavy tooth population makes finer mulch and allows much smoother operation. Adapter Sold Separately.


  • More Clearance with the teeth being 1-1/4 inches from the rotor to prevent chips from being plugged
  • 3/4" thick steel rotor is the backbone for the cutting system
  • Extra-large blast shield that provides maxumum chip and debris control
  • 3.5 -8 ton Recommended Carrier Size
  • High Efficiency Bent Axis Piston Motor
  • 24" Rotor Size
  • 20 Green Carbide Wearsharp© Teeth packed in groups of 5
  • 24" Cutting Depth Below Ground
  • 1" Maximum Cutting Depth Per Pass
  • 22" Maximum Horizontal Cut
  • Relieve valve Over Torque Protection
  • Bolt on Hitch
  • 822 lbs