Stump Blaster--Skid Steer


Baumalight Stump Grinder S40 with S740 Motor. With the 20 Carbide Teeth, the massive 1.25'' thick steel rotor and the high efficiency motors, these stump blasters give you a high quality of stump grinding performance.


  • Swing Arm for smoother swing speed operation
  • Double shielded hoses for more protection
  • Great visibility
  • 1.25" thick steel rotor
  • Extra-large blast shield to contain and control chips duuring grinding
  • 50-130 Recommended HP size
  • High Efficiency Bent Axis Position
  • 24" Rotor Size
  • 24" Cutting Depth - Below Ground
  • 2" Maximum Cutting Depth - Per Pass
  • 22" Maximum Horizontal Cut
  • 85 Degree Swing Arc (cuts both ways)
  • Relieve balve Over Torque Protection
  • Quick Attach Hitch
  • Wearsharp® Teeth that provide a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth