Baumalight Vertical Excavator Incisor


The Baumalight Vertical Excavator Tree Shear IXV508 allows you to cut branches and limbs up to 8'' in diameter that are high up or far away. These Shears can also pick up limbs that are scattered on the ground and move them to a different area.


  • Part Number:  IXV508
  • SWD Number:  BL IXV508
  • Size:  8 inch limbs
  • Weight:  460 lbs
  • Miscellaneous


  • Bucket-linkage directly connects on excavator in place of bucket
  • Vertical Blade Angle
  • 3-10 ton weight class
  • 8" limb size
  • 5-40 GPM
  • 460 lbs
  • Tough AR400 Steel that is able to handle to labors of tree shearing. 
  • Heavy cutting to shear multiple varieties of softwood and hardwood trees
  • High Reach to maximaze productivity
  • Powerful grop that can trap and bite the hardiest trees