Baumalight Rotating Excavator Incisor


The Baumalight Excavator Tree Shear IXP508G gives you the versatility of a full 90 degree radius to fell up to 8'' diameter trees in the upright position or cut limbs horizontally.


  • Part Number:  IXP508G
  • SWD Number:  BL IXP508G
  • Size:  8 inch limbs
  • Weight:  705 lbs
  • Miscellaneous


  • Has individually moving grabber arm and fixed curved cradel bar to securely move sheaed limbs to safe location
  • Pivoting Blade Angle 
  • 5" Blade Cylinder Bore Size
  • 3-10 ton weight class
  • 8" limb size
  • 5-40 GPM
  • 705 lbs
  • Tough AR400 Steel that handles the labors of tree shearing
  • Heavy cutting to shear multiple varieties of softwood and hardwood trees