Horizontal Skid Steer Incisor


Baumalight Horizontal Skid Steer Incisor ISH712G. This Tree Shear give you the ability to shear vertical trees and saplings with up to a 12 inch diameter. The individually moving grabber arm and fixed curdle cradle bar allows you to to securely move the trees to a safe location.


  • Part Number:  ISH712G
  • SWD Number:  BL ISH712G
  • Size:  12 inch limbs
  • Miscellaneous


  • Horizontal Blade Angle
  • 5" Blade Cylinder Bore size
  • 6,000-12,000 lb weight class
  • 12 inch limb size
  • Has an individually moving Grabber Arm
  • 15-60 GPM
  • 995 lbs
  • Tough AR400 Steel to handle to labors of tree shearing
  • Heavying cutting to take down multiple varieties of softwoods and hardwoods
  • Blade Adjusting Cam