Danuser Mega Mixer


Danuser Mega Mixer

  • Scoop, Mix, Dispense
  • 3/4 Yard Capacity, up to 1 Yard Option
  • Discharge up to 2 inch diameter Materials
  • Works with: Concrete, Feed, Rock, Mulch, Sand, Asphalt & More
  • 34 inch, Includes two 2 foot Multi-Linked Chutes and 180 inch Hoses with Flat Faced ISO Couplers
  • Standard Cutting Edges make scooping from piles easy
  • Mounts on either side to place and dispense in elevated or hard to reach places
  • Integrated Fork Pockets for use on a wide variety of vehicles
  • Lockable Discharge Flap limits spilling and allows for faster material mixing
  • Comes standard with Dual Safety Grates
  • Includes Integrated Bag Busters that can be opened individually from either side
Concrete (1" Slump)
LIvestock Feed
1" Clean
1" Rock
Dry Topsoil

S75: Steel Auger


170001Mega Mixer Model S75
Mega Mixer Model R75--Steel Auger. Danuser Mixing Bucket
170095Hopper Extension
Danuser Hopper Extension. Expands Mega Mixer Capacity from 3/4 yard to 1 yard without modification.
17010024 Inch Chute
Danuser Two-foot chute for Danuser Mega Mixer.
2 ft$64.00
17010336 Inch Chute
Danuser 3 foot Chute for Danuser MegaMixer.
3 ft$77.00
170110Funnel with 6 Inch Hose Adapter
Danuser Funnel with 6 inch Hoser for MegaMixer. May be combined with 24 or 36 inch chute. Allows precision discharge with included 5 foot long, 6 inch diameter hose.
196056Hose Kit
Danuser Front End Loader Hose Kit. 1/2 inch Hose, 25 feet Long with Flat Face Couplers, ISO Couplers, and Pioneer Couplers.