Post Driver


Post Driver with Manual Base Plate, Master Cylinder and Mounting Kit for Skid Steer


Features and Specifications HD-10
Impact at Full Stroke 71,500 lbs
Effective Weight of Spring - Powered Hammer 725 lbs
Operating Distance Above Ground 53 in - 128 in
Max. Post Width 8-3/4 in
Max. Post Length 10 ft
No. of Block Studs 8
No. of Nyrim Blocks 8
Tilt Front-back/side-side
With Manual Base Plate 15 deg/15 deg
With Hydraulic Base Plate 15 deg/15 deg
4 Inch Pilot Auger Attachment Optional
Category I, II or III Assembly Cat II & III
Mounting front or rear or skid loader
Hydraulic Requirements 12 gpm/1,500 psi
Approx. Shipping Weight With Hydraulic Base Plate 714 lbs
With Manual Base Plate 694 lbs