Stump Blaster--Skid Steer


Skid Steer Mount Stump Grinder or Excavator Stump Grinder. For 12-25 GPM. Includes Hydraulic Couplers. Case Drain Required. Swings Side to Side to Grind Down Stumps. Baumalight Stump Blaster S18 with S550 Motor.


Skidsteer Mount:

  • 25-80 Recommended HP

Excavator Mount:

  • 1.5-4 Ton Recommended Carrier Size

Specs for Both:

  • Gerotor Motor Type
  • 24" Rotor Size
  • 34 Green Carbide Planer  Teeth
  • 10" Cutting Depth Below Ground
  • 5" Maximum Cutting Depth Per Pass
  • 22" Maximum Horizontal Cut
  • Relieve Valvr Over Torque Protection
  • 1" Pivot Pins Hitch
  • 642 lbs
  • Self-feeding swing arc
  • 250 Ft.-Lbs Hub Torque


D001126Stump Blaster--Skidsteer Adapter
S14 or S18 Mini Skid Steer Attachment
1'' Pivot Pin$556.00
D001943Stump Blaster--Skidsteer Adapter
S14, S16 or S18 Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Attachment (35.5'' Wide)
1'' Pivot Pin$740.00
D001127Stump Blaster--Skidsteer Adapter
S14, S16 or S18 Universal Skid Steer Attachment
1'' Pivot Pin$600.00
D001421Stump Blaster--Excavator Adapter
Weld-on excavator adapter for S14 or S18